SSAT & ISEE Practice Test


Helping Your Student With The SSAT Prep

If your child is getting ready to enter a private or an independent school, he or she will be taking the Secondary School Admission Test, or the SSAT. Whether you tutor your child, hire a private tutor or send him or her to a tutoring center, it is essential that you help your student with his or her SSAT prep. This is not an achievement test, but rather an evaluation of a student’s abilities. This evaluation is essential, since standards and programs vary widely among schools and districts. This test consists of different parts and it is simply one of the tools that an independent school uses to evaluate student placement. Therefore, it makes good sense to ensure that your child is as prepared as possible in order to accurately demonstrate his or her skills and knowledge.

By helping your child to prepare for the SSAT, you are empowering your student to perform authentically, thereby facilitating a well-targeted placement. Here are some effective ways that you can help your student prepare for his or her SSAT.

Do not wait until the last minute to start preparing! Starting early will give you plenty of time to assess your student’s strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these will help you target your student’s study strategies, making study time more efficient. Having enough time to work on problem areas will make a world of difference when your student does take the test.

Do take advantage of the free and low-cost practice tests that are widely available now. However possible, try to replicate the testing environment and use a clock. By replicating the testing environment, your student will be accustomed to the testing process, and if he or she is more comfortable with the testing process, then your student can perform more accurately. Providing a realistic environment to practice in will remove a lot of the stress and fear surrounding the testing experience.

SSAT PrepDo not stress about the ultimate score! Remember that the SSAT is not a measurement of achievement, but an evaluation of your student’s skills and knowledge. Because it is not possible to determine a student’s skills based on grades alone, this test is only one method that your independent school will use in order to properly place your student.

Do make sure to visit the official SSAT website, which provides resources for students and parents. You can order practice tests and study guides, register for testing and check scores after your student has taken the test. For your convenience, you can manage your account completely online.

By taking these steps ahead of time for your child’s SSAT prep, you will help ensure that he or she has the best testing experience possible. You will also be setting him or her up for a healthy testing attitude while establishing effective study skills that can be used for the rest of his or her school career!